dinsdag, juli 03, 2007

Italians Do It Better

Some minimal-fatigue is discernable over here and that's why slowly I got totally into the current rerevival of italo. Some truly great releases are providing the soundtrack to my summer.

1. Italians Do It Better Labelsampler - After Dark

Thanks to slm I'm completely into the sounds of Mike Simonetti's label. Pitchfork was all over it and damn rightly so! Not one single bad track on this compilation. Pure cosmic bliss.

2. Studio - Yearbook 1

The afrobeat version of The Field? Trans Am in the disco? Life's a beach!

3. Kathy Diamond - Miss Diamond to You Too
4. Sally Shapiro - Disco Romance

It even gets better when innocent girls are singing over those brumming basslines!! Maurice Fulton produced Kathy Diamond's record and that's of course not a bad thing.

5. Professor Genius - s/t

Like somebody says it on his myspace: it's half italo, half aquarium. Perfect record to drive to sunny landscapes in the south of ehm, Italy.

6. Prins Tomas Presents Cosmo Galactic Prism

The name speaks for itself: splendid overview that goes from The Mole, Matias Aguayo to ehm, Carlos Hernandez. Space is the place!

7. The future looks bright with debut albums of Glass Candy and Chromatics coming up

Check them in space.

Download here a wonderful 'THISISNOTADISCO'mix and see how the best sounds of now get incorporated into one nice mix.
1. Hatchback - White Diamond
2. Lindstrom & Solade - Let's Practice (Wade Nicholls Dub)
3. Frank Helby - Tuislangboogie
4. Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Mirage Remix)
5. Ilija Rudman - UMMA
6. Faze Action - Stratus Energy
7. Emperor Machine - Who You?
8. Prince - Controversy
9. Front 242 - Circular Motion (The Delicate Genius Edit)
10. Zombi - Sapphire
11. Efdemin - La Ratafia
12. Pantha Du Prince - Saturn Strobe
13. Polmo Polpo - Requiem For A Fox
14. The Field - Over The Ice
15. Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life