dinsdag, mei 15, 2007

Robert Babicz - A Cheerful Temper

Robert Babicz defines the sound of Berlin in 2007. Ok, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but when I heard his splendid ‘Milo’s Groove’ played out loud on an afterparty at 7 PM (‘Don’t forget to go home’ IS an understatement in Berlin…) everything made sense. People going crazy, shouting, dancing, drinking and feeling the music. ‘Milo’s groove’ is minimal of the highest quality and ‘A Cheerful Temper’ delivers the goods completely. Enough (deep)house influences to avoid a too dry record and enough repetition to get you into the stratosphere. 2007 is already now a brilliant year.

Also really digging:
- Björk - Volta
- Agnes - Dumbles Debuts
- Hot Chip - DJ Kicks
- Royksopp - Back To Mine
- Feist - The Reminder
- Get Physical - 5 years of...
- Telefon Tel Aviv - Remixes compiled
- Wighnomy Bros. and Robag Whrume - Remiks Potpourri II

James Holden – 4 hours set in Watergate. Set of the year.

After a splendid warm-up of Zander VT (Bpitch latest star) and freaking out on the waterside along Baby Ford’s minimal, at 4 o'clock he was finally there. James Holden. Ready for a 4 hours set. And it was just perfect. It’s the sixth time that I saw him and only now he gave me everything that I always expected to hear from him.

Watergate seemed to be made for Holden, who kicked of perfectly with Paul Kalkbrenner’s latest ‘Altes Kamüffel’ and went then from old-skool trance to minimal and a lot of his own productions (‘The Idiot!’, his remix for Four Tet!). This was not the freaky-electronics Holden, but a true housemeister. Pure brilliance. Was so tired that I didn’t manage to hear Carl Craig on Sunday-afternoon 3PM (!) in the garden of Panoramabar, but Holden satisfied my need for Berlin beats. What a night...