dinsdag, mei 15, 2007

James Holden – 4 hours set in Watergate. Set of the year.

After a splendid warm-up of Zander VT (Bpitch latest star) and freaking out on the waterside along Baby Ford’s minimal, at 4 o'clock he was finally there. James Holden. Ready for a 4 hours set. And it was just perfect. It’s the sixth time that I saw him and only now he gave me everything that I always expected to hear from him.

Watergate seemed to be made for Holden, who kicked of perfectly with Paul Kalkbrenner’s latest ‘Altes Kamüffel’ and went then from old-skool trance to minimal and a lot of his own productions (‘The Idiot!’, his remix for Four Tet!). This was not the freaky-electronics Holden, but a true housemeister. Pure brilliance. Was so tired that I didn’t manage to hear Carl Craig on Sunday-afternoon 3PM (!) in the garden of Panoramabar, but Holden satisfied my need for Berlin beats. What a night...

3 opmerkingen:

herman zei

sounds great. let's see if i can find that set online somewhere...

Esco zei

let me know if you find it! i was unlucky untill now...

marie-julie zei

I agree, although I only heard half of it. maybe bar25 wasn't the best idea afterall ... hope someone finds those sets online !!