woensdag, april 25, 2007

Watch out for Artificial Latvamäki

This Finnish producer started his career with 'Mänty' on Trapez LTD. Riley Reinhold liked the track so much that he put it on his yearly Triple R presents... compilation. For two minutes it was nicely blended in between Burnski and Oliver Hacke but I didn't pay too much attention to it. Shame on me!

Now Ellen Allien spotted his talent and included 'It is now not either' in her mix-cd for Fabric. 'It is now not either' is one of the stand-out tracks on this cd. It is techno like it should be: Joris Voorn meets Booka Shade, hypnotic drive without having to use trance-strings, old skool feeling while still sounding fresh.
Then I checked his two very very solid tunes on Belgian Curle Records (which is a label from Gent which is building up a nice forward-looking catalogue with artists like Efdemin, Reynold and this Latvamäki). 'Se Tuli Aavikolta' (Curle 004) is also a small masterpiece, building up over 11 minutes and going deep, down and dirty.

His new song "Tämä Tuli Järvestä" is coming out on the new Cocoon compilation. James Holden loves him. I love him. This is one of THE most promising producers around. No reason to not check out his myspace he?

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Ik vond het al zo'n goed nummer.. bedankt voor de tip!