zondag, maart 29, 2009

Lindstrom & Prince Thomas are floating through space again

The new albums is called II and it perfectly fits this paper-reading Sunday morning. It's out on the 26th of May but (oh the internet!) leaked already.

Interesting blog in the Telegraph (a newspaper I fundamentally disagree with when reading their news pages though):
half the original attraction of the genre was that for the first time in years it meant you could dance to what is fundamentally rather cheesy music without feeling particularly embarrassed about it - in fact, while feeling it was actually rather cool. And herein lies the contradiction inherent in dance music afficionados such as myself. I love the idea of telling as many people as possible about the occasionally obscure music I love, but once I realise it has taken off and is all over the place, the excitement is gone - over.

Hey though, it was good while it lasted.

zaterdag, maart 28, 2009

1. PFM - One & Only

In our collection life defining tunes, here's PFM with one of my all time favourites: