dinsdag, mei 15, 2007

Robert Babicz - A Cheerful Temper

Robert Babicz defines the sound of Berlin in 2007. Ok, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but when I heard his splendid ‘Milo’s Groove’ played out loud on an afterparty at 7 PM (‘Don’t forget to go home’ IS an understatement in Berlin…) everything made sense. People going crazy, shouting, dancing, drinking and feeling the music. ‘Milo’s groove’ is minimal of the highest quality and ‘A Cheerful Temper’ delivers the goods completely. Enough (deep)house influences to avoid a too dry record and enough repetition to get you into the stratosphere. 2007 is already now a brilliant year.

Also really digging:
- Björk - Volta
- Agnes - Dumbles Debuts
- Hot Chip - DJ Kicks
- Royksopp - Back To Mine
- Feist - The Reminder
- Get Physical - 5 years of...
- Telefon Tel Aviv - Remixes compiled
- Wighnomy Bros. and Robag Whrume - Remiks Potpourri II

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Fire in the Mind zei

that new björk record is indeed beeerry nice. and you know i used top hate björk

Esco zei

Me too! I still love Björk's 'Debut' very much and also really enjoyed her show then on Torhout 10 years ago. Some tunes on 'Post' were also ok, but then only 'Hunter' was ok on Homogenic. Everything that came later ('Medulla', 'Vespertine', 'Dancer in the Dark OST' (what a bad movie by the way)) was absolutely horrible. But 'Volta': very nice. (And ehm, horrible review on KM... :s )

Fire in the Mind zei

robert babicz's milo's groove, on the other hand, is deadly boring. must have been some good drugs there in berlin :-)

OMC zei

"only 'Hunter' was ok on Homogenic"

infuckinsanity. 'Joga' is the best song she ever made. :)

New one, can't get into it for some reason. I think i'm burned out on the built-a-Bjork-puzzle thing.

Esco zei

Yeah, I think I would have never liked this song so much if I hadn't heard it on that afterparty in Berlin. It fitted there just perfectly; through your PC-speakers it's a bit standard.

Oh, and i forgot about Yoga. Not bad as well of course..

mueja zei


filip zei

Babicz' 'Milo's Groove' is pure genius, just like 'Sin', also on this lp. Although the album's a bit disappoing, all toghether.

In Berlin drugs = music.

herman zei

Ik vind die plaat van Robert Babicz tot nu toe wel erg fijn, moet ik zeggen. Neoreplicator is ook een heerlijk nummer.

filip zei

Iemand 'Asa Breed' van Matthew Dear al gehoord? Wat 'n kutplaat!

Esco zei

Asa Breed? Vind ik niet op Discogs..Bedoel je 'Deserter', de nieuwe single? Die vind ik niet echt super, maar in ieder geval beter dan het abominable Noiser/Fred's Bells op Spectral Sound...

Nog maar eens zijn Hot Chip remix opleggen dan maar!