dinsdag, oktober 10, 2006

A phone call to Putin

Today I had a workshop with a torture expert of the European Committee on the Prevention of Torture and he was describing a new technique which is currently used now in the Russian Police. The interrogation technique is called 'A Phonecall to Putin': The police attaches wires to the earlobes of an individual and send electric shocks through them. This practice can go on for up to nine (!) days...

2 opmerkingen:

Fire in the Mind zei

if you're talking about a country that refuses to wake up to the 21st century, i guess you are talking about russia. sometimes i even think that they are still living in the 19th century over there.

on top of that they are very bad losers in all matters geopolitcial. they've made a mess of their own country and still they are trying to ruin other countries too, instead of cleaning out their own augean stables. i despise that nation. you won't see me going there if i were to live another century. creepy people.

Esco zei

Very creepy. I can tell you some nice dedushina stories as well :s..