maandag, oktober 09, 2006

James Holden Is Finally Coming


UK: 30/11/06
EU: 04/12/06

01. Lump
02. Quiet Drumming Interlude
03. 10101
04. Corduroy
05. Flute
06. Idiot
07. Lumpette
08. Intentionally Left Blank
09. Idiot Clapsolo
10. Quiet Drumming

So the long-awaited EP is immediately switched for an LP. Smart thinking James. James doesn't promise beats but 'sounds comparable to Aphex Twin, Four Tet, The Knife, Herbert and Boards of Canada'. Strange he opens with the not so very impressive 'Lump', which already appeared on a Damian Lazarus compilation. I really like the cover-art by the way: Border Community's regular design with a Jackson Pollock touch

The following Holden quote is maybe a good basis for a Fire In The Mind piece:
"It's about time I achieved something with my life. What I want to do in my production is electronic music that feels more human and more live, just letting the machines malfunction and me be barely in control of them. You just need to know where to inject the life into it, and how to, and then the computer can become an instrument just like any other. Computer music is naff really, unless it has that punk feel. Those dirty bits. That's what makes it human, and that's what I'm focusing on now."

Too bad I miss him on I love Techno, where he will play in the Yellow Room after Kraftwerk. (God, why do I have to miss this...)

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OMC zei

Good news I guess. As I told you in private, his set at Club 11 was something else. Too bad most of it is gone from my memory, but I'm hoping someone was taping it. Total Kosmische House, for real this time. :)

Fire in the Mind zei

heeft hij dan jaren niet kunnen klaarkomen of zoiets?

Fire in the Mind zei

ik bedoel maar: nogal ongelukkig geformuleerd :-)

Esco zei

Ja hoor, ook de hoger opgeleide lezer merkt de dubbele bodem op! :p

filip polfliet zei

Holden was the king of techno op ILT!

En z'n plaat is zinnenstrelend.

Uitkijken ook naar 'Fizheuer Zieheuer' van Villalobos! Twee keer vijfendertig minuten minimale brandstof, voor een lange en koude winter.