maandag, november 27, 2006

Pitch & Hold

Saw them first on 10days off where they gave a very nice set for (unfortunately) very few people. But since last summer Ghent based Pitch & Hold are definitely on a roll. Williams (Pokerflat, Get Physical - check out his Piccadily Circuits and Pinball) picked up their 'Pars Pro Toto' on their myspace and gave them a place in the roster of his new label Triangle Music.

First they did a massive 21st century rave remix for Williams own 'The Shivering'; which was celebrated with a nice party in The End in London and in a couple of weeks 'Pars Pro Toto' will have a release. Tiga, John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, Alex Kid and Poker Flat's Jeff Benett are spinning it already, so you know you can expect a minimal-progressive-neotrance (lovetrance?) bomb! More on these guys soon..

Download the mix here, tracklist here

Buy Love Triangle Releases here

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