donderdag, november 24, 2005

Attn: Omar

The Guardian krabt zich achter de oren van al die Engelstalige muziekbloggers. Interessant leesvoer hier.

"But even the biggest fan of wordplay can come unstuck when written English turns into - here's an excuse to make up another new word - Blog-lish. I speak as someone whose lifelong compulsions to listen to music and read other people's diaries have matured into an addiction to music weblogs. And I've found myself scratching my head at some of the words and phrases used by bloggers to describe things that once would simply have been described as either 'good' or 'bad'. It's brilliant fun and completely baffling at the same time."

3 opmerkingen:

OMC zei

Ik had het gelezen ja maarrreh, moest ik opletten als socioloog of als medetaalovertreder? ;)

Vincent Romain zei

zeg maar gerust metataalovertreder :-)

OMC zei

Okay, dan is het goed. :)