woensdag, augustus 24, 2005

Boards of Canada (3)

Organisator (Engelse reply - ik leef namelijk in België)

"First of all we tried to book boards of canada, i did this via a bookingsoffice witch is involved with warp and not with clear channel or its suboffice, and that's were the problem is! Warp goes fault here by putting this on like warp tour etc. without contacting cc. So me and an italian bookerfriend putted this on, we paid some shit etc. but now we are in problems, so trying to sort out with warp or cc.

And if you wanna know this was a project by "provincie west-vlaanderen and "cultuurshit" from here, it's a whole week of exhibitions,projects etc."

Geen Boards of Canada dus...

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Vincent Romain zei

is die man linguistically challenged of zoiets? shit man! slechter engels heb ik dit jaar nog niet gelezen.