maandag, maart 19, 2007

Junior Boys and Lusine in the remix

Junior Boys surely know how to choose their remixers. Carl Craig delivers again an epic classic with his remix of 'Ľike A Child', while Kode9 gives 'Like a child' a dubstep treatment. Essential purchase! (Phonica)

Boomkat lears us that Kode9 and Jeremy from Junior Boys are apparently already close friends for years. Interessting combo if you ask me, apparantly Kode9 remixed also their 'High Come Down'. Anybody heard this one?

And while you're shopping it's also a good idea to lay your hands on the Podgelism Select Remixes of Lusine on Ghostly International. Robag Whrume's remix of 'The Stop' is one of the better minimal-releases of the last month, while John Tejada, Apparat and Lawrence deliver the goods in their own well-known trademark-style. The LP will contain more remixes of Mathew Dear, Lusine and Cabanne, but I haven't heard that one yet.

4 opmerkingen:

Fire in the Mind zei

to me this carl craig mix is again a big disappointment. i just don't feel it. and the kode9 is hardly the best thing i ever heard from him. pfff...

i'm gonna play those originals once again, i think

Esco zei

Which other remixes you didn´t like then? Falling up? Relevee? In the trees? See mi yah? Kill 100? Love them all...

Fire in the Mind zei

did not like:

relevee (that one's still ok, though)
in the trees (carl craig without sex)
amp fiddler
junior boys

oooohh! that's three in a row

falling up, see mi yah and kill 100 are the usual genius though, so why the fuck am i complaining, hey? :-)

OMC zei

See Mi Yah and Kill100 were also average. Somehow the Junior Boys rmx doesn't gel. The Faze Action one is pretty good though.

The big 3 are Revelee - Barbitukal Blues - Falling Up. That's where he reaching for something special.