dinsdag, maart 13, 2007

Uebel und Gefährlich

This is without competition one of the best clubs I've ever visited. Last month's programme included for instance(to name but a few)Ame, Henrik Schwarz, Junior Boys, Trentemoller, Tobi Neumann and Kate Wax. Prices are cheap, the dancefloor is large, the crowd is filled with 'experts' who dance hard.. Everything starts very late here (3.30 is peak hour here I think), but that's a general trend.

Besides that the location itself is amazing. The gigantic building used to be the headquarters of the SS in Hamburg during World War II and you're dancing on the fourth floor.

Next stop (am off to Czech Republic again tomorrow): GUS GUS on the 4th of May!

2 opmerkingen:

down zei

hmm, actually, nothing to do with SS, i think.
it was an anti-aircraft blockhaus.
cf wp Hamburger Flaktürme (DE)
and Flak tower (EN)

by the way, i came to your blog from last.fm, seeing you were planning to attend sleeparchive's gig in pudel. see you there, then!

Esco zei

Thanks a lot for claryfing that. Interessting link..