donderdag, maart 29, 2007

Small culture-shock in the house

OK, the last years I’m getting used to quite a lot of things, since I'm living together with so many people with so many different backgrounds, but today my Italian flatmate announced that from today on we would get the company of a Japanese girl for one week.

Juka is 26; she is a professional classical pianist and ehm, very Japanese. Some confirmed stereotypes of the first day:
- Gadgets: she has a very blitz mobile phone and a sort of mini-personal laptop translator which weighs 200 grams.

- Obedience: she asks us permission for absolutely everything; if she can take a glass to put her toothbrush in and put it in the kitchen (in Japan everybody brushes their teeth in the kitchen I learned today), if she can go to sleep etc..

- Man-woman relationship: Juka was literally staring at me when I was doing the dishes (‘I’ve never seen a man doing the dishes before’) and being stunned that Luca was cooking

- Language: she knew no English nor German when she came to Hamburg, but now her level is up to a hilarious crossing of basic English and Japanese expressions

- General weirdness: she stands up early in the morning to make some predictions about what kind of weather we will have during the day

- General niceness: she really looks like an Wong Kar-Wai actress, and boy, do I like Ang-Lee actresses
- In the weekend she’s going to give a solo-recital in Paris (Lizt and Messian (?) I think); I’m a bit afraid of playing Dominik Eulberg out loud the whole day, thinking her fragile body won’t be able to cope with it, but I’ll ask her opinion before I interview him anyway.

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