vrijdag, maart 23, 2007

Mistress Barbara - Barcelona (Border Community 15)

Has Border Community ever released anything that was not completely brilliant? OK, BC 10 (Nathan Fake - Silent Night) and BC 11 (Lazy Fat People) were just good, but with this fifteenth release Border Community releases again an instant classic that fits in perfectly between the absolute hightlights of the label (Gazebo, Sky is Pink Rmx, Soopertrack).

You could say that Misstress Barbara has seen the light after her production break in 2005. Last year she released the ehm, slightly progressive, 'K-10' on John Digweed's Bedrock label, but now she delivers two unforgettable houseneotrance monsters that keep me raving on and on. Holden himself gives some 'tools' in the vein of his 'Idiots are winning' debut for the nerds, but it's all about 'Barcelona' and 'Jamais Moi Sans Toi'. What a release...

(PS: Holden is again on a roll with his fantastic 'The Sun Never Sets' remix for Kieran Hebden. Also a must have...)

2 opmerkingen:

OMC zei

'Barcelona' is okay but not great, certainly not in the league of those tracks. But I'm curious about that Holden rmx.

Fire in the Mind zei

little bit overblown, innit?